Being MuleKick

Being MuleKick

Relationships – they are all around us. In large measure they can determine what type day we will have. Run into a friend and you’re all happy. Find yourself shopping on the same aisle as your ex-boyfriend or worse – your ex-boyfriends new girlfriend and your day might turn south. Mule Kick wants to be that happy in your day that you can always count on.

The relationship that Mule Kick crew (both past and present) have with each other is something we foster and it’s one we extend to our customers. Being part of a larger community that is doing good has many benefits. With all the turmoil in the world, having a constant is reassuring.

We’ve discovered, from interaction with our staff and our customers, that college is harder now than it was several decades ago when the bosses went. Not only is it harder, even before COVID college was lonely. So much has been written and said about millennials, that anything I’d write would be inferior in every way. But I think that as each new generation emerges this one is also misunderstood. What I have noticed about them is that they can put on a cheery face but be terribly lonely. Staff and student customers have bonded over learning that they aren’t alone.

Some of our customers say that they feel like Norm on Cheers, we all shout their name as they walk in the door. That even happens when we are just welcoming back the traveler from the Hampton that is eating with us for the second day in a row. The feeling of belonging is strong within our customer family. To be treated like family doesn’t require months of daily visits, we want to treat you like that the first time.

Some services that we can provide don’t cost anything for us to provide and don’t cost anything for our customers to receive. So why be stingy with a smile or a happy word?

Culture is a reoccurring theme in all our communications with each other. We strive to nurture culture (say that 3 times fast). While it’s hard to define, it’s pretty easy to feel. That feeling of belonging and that your relationship with those around you is strong.

We hope you feel like you belong as well. Until next time, Christy

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