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Common Questions

Most of the time we can find room if you decide last minute to come by. 

But Wednesday's for trivia and Friday & Saturday for live music for sure.  Reserve here.

Ummmmm, no.  You can't.  Why?  We want you to have a unique experience, so we feature 30 taps of craft beer. 90% of which are sourced from breweries in Arkansas!

You CAN have pizza.  We can provide a dairy free cheese on request.  The brand we use is Daiya.   Grilled cheese?  No problem!  We have that too!  Smoked Gouda slices by Follow Your Heart.

Need your ice cream fix?  Our Loblolly ice cream is dairy free!

Yep! We have reward points! For every $5 you spend you get a point.  After 15 points you can redeem them for a cup of our great drip coffee or keep them and trade them for a large Plain Jane Pizza!

We are alwayas looking for Happy Humans that fit our culture.  You can apply here.

Nothing!  Burt & Christy built MuleKick from the ground up.  We incorporated in 2018 and opened in 2019.  Burt not only built all the renowned MuleKick light fixtures, but he designed the entire interior!