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Drip Coffee

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Most common way American’s think of coffee, made by letting boiling water drip slowly through medium fine ground coffee.
- Hootie Hoo - Single origin Costa Rica is available everyday. This medium roasted coffee is from Grin Coffee from Hattiesburg, MS We offer retail bags of Hootie Hoo at Mule Kick
- Mad Momma - Single origin Columbia coffee has a full robust taste with Chocolate notes brought out through the roasting process. Grin Coffee roasts this coffee in Hattiesburg.
- Shady Mountain - Blend of coffee from Columbia and. Roasted by Ouachita Coffee Roasters in Mena Arkansas. This coffee is very unique in that it tastes great as a drip coffee but also as the espresso that forms the base for all of our lattes. Shady Mountain can usually be found in retail bags at Mule Kick.
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