Trivia League Sign Up

Starting September 1st

It's the best thing you'll ever find to do on Wednesdays! Every week at 7pm for about 2 hours, we have our very popular team trivia night.  It's super intense (and fun!) We give away nightly prizes to the highest scores.  This is still that, just extended for 12 weeks for a huge prize.

Each week there will be 5 rounds of 10 questions. Registered league team scores will be logged, and at the end of the league season, each team's 8 highest scores will be added for a cumulative score. 

Things happen! It's all good! As long as 3 of your original 4-6 members are present, you'll still receive league trivia points for that night.  And yes, you can have subs.  If you have a 6 person team, but only 3 showed up one week, you could bring along 3 fill-ins if you wanted.

No! You can come as many or as few weeks as you want!  But to account for missed weeks, we will take each team's 8 highest scores (or less if they don't play 8 times) and add them up for a final score.

We have some INCREDIBLE prize packages lined up for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.  Plus, you'll be go down in MuleKick history and be enshrined on our trivia wall-of-fame.

Absolutley!  We will still be giving away nightly prizes to the high scores of each individual trivia night!  Basically, the league and regular trivia nights will run concurrently.